Special vehicle heating system

Aufocus diesel heater allows you to sit in a warm cockpit in freezing weather. Our heating system can provide a heat source for the driver or cockpit in extreme cold conditions, from truck cranes, RVs to ambulances , Committed to reducing the risk of disease.

Taking an ambulance in a special vehicle as an example, not only the cockpit can be heated, but also the patient compartment of the ambulance can be heated.

In order to better meet different needs, in this field, aufocus diesel heater provides different heating systems.

1. Diesel Heaters 12V 2KW–quiet, fast starting heating,

2. Aufouce Diesel Heaters supply, repair and install diesel heaters for caravans, RVs, boats and small houses, 12V 2KW Diesel Heaters quietly start heating fast,

3. Diesel Heaters 12V 5KW-light weight, space-saving diesel heater Aufouce provides an independent diesel-powered heating system, which can be easily and conveniently installed or retrofitted into your vehicle.

4. Diesel Heaters All In One—Simple and convenient, direct use without installation

Simple and convenient, no need to install a direct-use diesel heater, which is a surprise for those who don’t like hands-on. The provided diesel heater integrated machine is very easy to use if you don’t understand the installer. You can use it directly where you like it.

Special vehicles installed with car parking heaters can start to work without going through the preheating stage. The frost on the windows can be melted in time and will no longer appear, ensuring safety.

Low cost: Hot start of engine improves engine life.

Conducive to environmental protection: when the preheated engine starts, it consumes less fuel and emits less exhaust gas. You no longer have to rely on running the engine to heat it.

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