DIY Self Installation Tool Kit – 2kw or 5kw Unit

DIY Self Installation Tool Kit

This kit is designed to give you all the main tools required for a DIY installation. If you are a little handy on tools, then you can save a considerable amount of money on getting your diesel heater installed. AUFOCUS diesel heater include step by step instructions and TIPS along the way to achieve this yourself. The Installation manual includes everything from planning the installation before you start and then gives you a step by step detailed instruction on getting your new heater installed both safely and efficiently.

The self Installation Kit includes:

Metal Ring to install underneath the mounting plate in a standard diesel heater kit 5kw or 2kw. (AUFOCUS Diesel heater kits already include this part)

105mm hole saw for the Metal ring drop through the floor

80mm hole saw for 5kw vents

65mm hole saw for 2kw vents

Allan Keys to assemble / secure hole saw drill bits

Flame retardant silicon to seal the mounting plate and any other holes as required.

Cutter for clean cuts of fuel line and conduit

Electrical tape for use where required

Power wire connectors to shorten wiring where required,

Magnetic sockets tor all clamps and screws (7mm, 8mm & 10mm)

Spare gaskets for maintenance use with 2kw unit as spare parts

Glow Plug Tool Kit for maintenance as a spare part

Rubber glove for use with silicone.