Aufocus 5KW MZ Bluetooth Diesel Heater Kit 2nd Gen

This Premium Quality Aufocus Diesel heater is backed by a 24 month warranty.

What’s Included:

  • 7L Stainless Steel Fuel Tank with level gauge and lockable fuel cap

  • LCD panel with remote control plus you can easily download the available app and control the heater from your phone.

  • Solid construction – high grade heat resistant hard casing

  • Flat vents

  • Super quiet fuel pump

  • PA66 hard nylon fuel line 6m (size:4*1mm(thickness)) and good quality black rubber connectors.

  • 5m of 2.5mm wire core power cable with flame retardant conduit and Anderson Plugs for optional use

  • The entire wiring harness is covered in with conduit.

  • High quality air filter

  • High quality reusable fuel filter made with alloy top and base.

  • High quality exhaust and muffler

  • Solid mounting plate.

  • Metal cable ties and standard high grade plastic cable ties

  • High quality clamps and other accessories required for a complete installation.

  • Easy step by step installation instructions.


  • Small and compact design for an easy space-saving installation

  • Voice LCD panel with remote control – Also features, temperature, a voltage meter, etc

  • Sensors on both the control board and fan for additional safety protection

  • High and Low Voltage & Current protection

  • Fast heat up time and maintains a consistent temperature

  • Auto cool down process when powered off

  • Low fuel consumption


  • Power: 1KW -5KW Adjustable

  • Fuel: Diesel only

  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V

  • Fuel Consumption(L/h): 0.1-0.6

  • Working Temperature: -40℃~+50℃

  • Working Temperature of the Oil pump: -40℃~+40℃

  • Machine Size: 390*140*150mm

  • Black flame retardant plastic casing (Top Grade)

  • Voice / LCD – Can display Error Codes on the LCD screen for easy troubleshooting if required

  • Power (5~35w/h). peak consumption up to 90~150w for the first few minutes whilst the glow plug heats up.