Aufocus Diesel Heaters installation and warranty service

Please contact Aufocus Diesel Heaters Melbourne installation and maintenance point:

  1. Address: 11/21-23, Capella Cres, Moorabbin,3189, VIC, Australia
  2. You can call us on (03) 8597 0396.
  4. Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am- 5:00 pm

Aufocus installation

The products sold in Aufocus Diesel Heaters online stores and physical stores do not include product installation services. You can install them yourself or ask professionals to install them. If you need us to provide installation services, we will arrange the best technicians to install them for you. Please call (03) 8597 0396 to make an appointment in advance, or email: to contact us for installation matters.

Aufocus warranty responsibility

  • The warranty period is two years or 1000 working hours for the air heater or 500 working hours for the engine preheater.
  • At present we only provide driving Aufocus Diesel heaters Melbourne installation and maintenance points.
  • The manufacturer guarantees that the product is installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual and that it runs normally in accordance with the technical specifications.

What is not covered by the warranty

  • Force majeure: lightning strikes, fires, floods, voltage fluctuations, accidents.
  • Improper operation, storage and transportation.
  • Incorrect installation, repair or maintenance if they are performed by a person or organization not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • The impurities in the combustion chamber cause heater failure.
  • The vehicle electrical system is interrupted and the wrong voltage is used.
  • Use non-original parts or repair by unauthorized personnel.

Please note that the warranty is related to the product provided, not to the installation.

*Normal wear and tear of repair parts: (filters, gaskets, glow plug screens and fuses are not covered by the warranty)


Aufocus’s warranty information

In order for us to quickly assist you in the case of a warranty claim, please have your tax invoice ready when you call. If you don’t have one, please call (03) 8597 0396 or email to to contact Aufocus Diesel heater, and we will send you a copy by email.

How does the warranty work?

If the product you purchased cannot be used normally during the warranty period or needs repair, please contact Aufocus Diesel Heaters Melbourne Customer Service Center. Aufocus diesel heaters is responsible for handling all service and warranty related issues for each of its products. Usually, if we cannot solve the problem by phone, you may need to bring your product to our Melbourne service center. We will arrange for a technician to check, service or diagnose and repair any faults that may be needed to restore your product to perfection Working status.

The contact information of the customer service center is provided with the goods-for example in the user manual/manual or warranty manual.

If you do not receive this information for your order, please call (03) 8597 0396 or email us at and we will arrange to send this information for you.

The detailed information of the warranty period of each item is included on the product detail page of our website for your review.

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