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If you are traveling in southern states or even central Australia, caravan diesel heaters are an excellent solution to resist the cold. Although there are many different types of motorhome heaters, diesel motorhome heaters are popular because of their affordability, DIY installation, dry heat, and fuel efficiency.

If set up correctly, the diesel heater should be almost odorless. The efficiency of the combustion process is close to 100%, so there should be no obvious smell.

The costs involved include the diesel heater itself, any other components needed to install it, and the personnel costs to install the heater. You can save money if you perform a DIY installation, and in addition to your diesel heater kit, usually only a minimum of parts are required to install your diesel heater. Therefore, if you allow about $50 above the price of our diesel heater, just in case you need some additional fixtures or components, this should be a good estimate.

Given that cheap diesel caravan heaters start at $150 and then go up from there, you might install heaters in your caravan for as little as $150 to $200, depending on the tools you already have at home.

Diesel motorhome heaters use different amounts of fuel depending on the size of the heater and its setting (high/low, etc.). But for example, a high-quality heater will use about 0.10 liters of diesel per hour at a low setting, which means you can get up to 10 hours of heating time from one liter of fuel.

The Caravan diesel heater uses a diesel combustion process to heat the heat exchanger (located on the outside of the combustion chamber). The fan then blows the air through the heat exchanger, which heats the air as the air enters the caravan through the vents. Any residue or waste from the combustion process will not be transferred to your caravan through the air.

If you are comfortable with it, the caravan diesel heater can definitely be installed DIY. You need to drill holes, connect wires, and connect various components together. Several instructional articles and videos are available here. By watching and reading these contents, you will soon be able to decide whether you can DIY or whether you need some skilled help.

The caravan diesel heater used reasonable power during the first few minutes of preheating the glow plug. But once the equipment is warmed up, the main purpose of the 12v power supply is to run fun. These tend to average around 1 A/h.

In most cases, when the glow plug is heated, 5kw will use up to 10 amps in the first 1-2 minutes of operation, but once it is warmed up, it will quickly stabilize to about 1 A/h for continuous operation.


Caravan diesel heaters can run at low speeds, but if they are only run at low speeds for a long time and used multiple times, carbon will accumulate on the glow plugs. In order to keep the glow plug in good working condition, it is best to run it at high temperature for at least 15 minutes once a month before turning it off. To

What size diesel heater does my caravan need?
For most family caravans, a 2-2.2kw system is sufficient. Some people prefer 5kw because it can provide more heat faster, but once your caravan reaches the temperature, it is difficult to keep it cool and you must open all windows to keep the temperature tolerable.

Diesel heaters are designed to operate at high and low temperatures, but if you just turn it down instead of operating at high temperatures, then carbon will accumulate on the glow plugs. In order to eliminate this accumulation, it is good practice to run the diesel heater at high temperatures for at least 15 minutes, once a month, and then turn it off to minimize carbon deposits on the glow plug.

Yes, you can get spare parts for the diesel heater, but the available parts and the models you can find will vary depending on your model. If you buy cheap Chinese diesel heaters, spare parts may not be easy to obtain, but if the model you buy is very similar to a well-known brand model, then the brand model’s spare parts may be suitable for your model.

If you have a diesel heater with the brand name Eberspacher or Webasto, spare parts will be easier to obtain. Eberspacher is distributed and supported by Dometic in Australia, so you have access to the entire supply network, Webasto has a dedicated Australian company office, and of course you can request support through your original retailer. To

If you purchased a diesel heater from eBay, although you may find that the after-sales service response is slow, there are some great sellers there. Therefore, if you want to buy a diesel motorhome heater from eBay, please double check the ratings and customer feedback.

Yes, many cheap Chinese diesel motorhome heaters can be operated by thermostat or manual operation. Be sure to read the specifications of each model you view.

Diesel caravan heaters are usually installed in one of the storage boxes of the caravan. Sometimes under the bed, sometimes under the bench, and some even install them in the cabinet.
Make sure your location is well energized and close to where you plan to install the fuel tank. You also need to make sure that the underside of the caravan floor where you plan to install the heater is not obstructed by support beams, water tanks, and other pipes. The location should also have a clear airflow around the entire device and a suitable location near the heater outlet (to blow out the hot air).
Diesel heaters can be installed under the caravan. This is usually done in an RV, but you need to enclose it in a protective box, and remember that it can cause damage if you leave the grid, off-road, and bumpy surfaces.