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In this article, we will tell you more about caravan diesel heater. You will learn why they are becoming more and more popular, who should buy them, and ultimately how to choose the diesel heater that best suits your needs.

These devices are a very convenient way to keep warm in the cold winter.

You are about to learn why boat and RV owners and professional truck drivers all over the world love these devices.

In addition, if you choose the right model, you can expect its longevity, which makes a high-quality caravan diesel heate an excellent investment.

Let us dive into the world of diesel heaters.

Why is a diesel heater a good investment?

Very convenient

Diesel heaters are an extremely convenient way to keep the vehicle warm when the engine is off.

With them, in the cold winter, you will never have to get into an icy car when you drive to work in the morning.

And don’t waste time defrosting the vehicle, then endanger your safety while driving.

With diesel heaters, your car can drive safely even before you start the engine. No more frozen windshields!

Although car owners can benefit from diesel heaters, truck drivers, campers, vans and boat owners have more reasons to buy diesel air heaters.

It’s one thing to drive a cold car to work, it’s totally different to spend the whole night in an icy cabin over and over again.

If you drive a truck for a living, you will know how difficult it is to fall asleep in a sub-zero tin can in winter. Well, the parking heater is a simple solution to end all of this.

An effective way to keep warm

Diesel heaters need to be connected to the vehicle’s fuel tank, which means they will slightly increase fuel costs. Although it is undeniable, they are still a very convenient and effective way to keep warm. And diesel fuel is very affordable, which means you won’t feel the difference in total cost.

If you choose to spend the night in a cold cabin, then yes, you will save some fuel/money. If not, your only option is to open the 600+ horsepower beast under the hood. Not only is it noisy and smelly, but it also consumes a lot of fuel, and you can’t let other truck drivers or campers keep their engines running while sleeping near the lot.

In addition, the cost of saving time is also an important factor. With diesel heaters, you can clear the snow and ice before driving your kids to school in the morning. The pre-heated car will be waiting for them, so there is no need to wake up early to waste time.

They are more affordable than you think

The diesel heater is more than just an accessory. If you spend a lot of time in the motorhome or on the boat, you will know how cold it can sometimes be, especially at night. Nature can be cruel at times, spending the night in a remote place and being exposed to the cold will ruin your vacation. You only need one of these experiences to understand that diesel heaters are actually more affordable than they initially seem.

If you get a good quality diesel air heater, you can expect it to last a lifetime. We will discuss this in more detail later, but if you avoid buying Chinese diesel heaters, you are fine.

This is a simple device, but it works. Even if you pay a little extra in advance, obtaining high-quality products will bring long-term returns. They require almost zero maintenance, and as long as you use them at least once a year, they should remain fully functional.

In addition, the parking heater increases the value of the vehicle, and if you decide to resell it, you can expect better prices. Or you can choose to keep your heater and install it in your new car. Like we said, high-quality products can last a lifetime, so you don’t need to replace the parking heater for every new car you buy.

How to choose a diesel heater——Indispensable parts, there are many free accessories available

Diesel heaters usually consist of more than twenty parts. Although everything is important, the quality of these parts is crucial and will distinguish between high-quality diesel heaters and poor-quality diesel heaters:

Diesel heaters use diesel to heat cold air from outside and blow it into the cabin. The motor and its combustion chamber are where the magic happens and the most important part of any diesel heater.

The quality and efficiency of the motor will not only determine how much fuel it consumes, but also how much noise it makes at work. If you plan to sleep in the cabin, you want it to be as quiet as possible. Of course, a high-quality motor will make your heater safer. After all, small explosions keep happening in the combustion chamber, and it uses volatile fuels. Therefore, you want it to be top-notch. In addition, cheap, low-quality cabins often leak exhaust gas in the cabin, which can endanger your health.

This may not happen immediately, but it will happen sooner or later. So don’t think about short-term, buy quality now and enjoy the benefits of the next few years.

Kyocera Glow Plug

Glow plugs are cousins of spark plugs, but are used in diesel engines. Although their working principles are different, the purpose is the same-to start the chain reaction inside the motor.

So you might think that this small device is not important, at least compared to the engine itself. But in fact, it’s not.

Glow plugs will make or break your diesel heater experience. Many Chinese diesel heater companies choose to install cheap glow plugs in their heaters.

These will work under normal conditions, but when the outdoor weather is below zero, you may find it difficult to start the heater.

If you don’t want to tremble and curse your “budget” choice all night, and worry that the heater won’t turn on every time you need it, buy a premium model with Kyocera glow plugs.

This company produces the best, field-tested glow plugs that can withstand the coldest weather.

Fuel pump


The parking heater uses the vehicle’s fuel tank, so there is no need for a separate fuel tank. However, to operate normally, they rely on a small device-a fuel pump.

These devices ensure the optimal amount of fuel reaching the combustion chamber, thereby ensuring safety and effectiveness.

It consists of different clamps, pipes, brackets and risers, all of which are important and require quality assurance. Anti-rust materials are necessary because the fuel pump is often exposed and installed outside the vehicle.

Diesel heater exhaust pipe

The side effect of burning diesel in any engine is exhaust gas. However, getting rid of them is not as simple as putting a pipe outside the cabin-exhaustion can make a lot of noise.

To make the system as quiet as possible, good diesel heater manufacturers use high-quality piping. Their stainless steel pipe has a unique spiral thread design that can absorb as much noise and vibration as possible.

In addition, pipes made of this steel are easier to bend, making the installation process faster and cheaper.

Unfortunately, the exhaust system is another bottleneck for budget manufacturers. Here, they chose an ordinary non-helical steel exhaust pipe, which is not only noisy, but also difficult to install.

Electronic control unit

The electronic control unit is the electronic heart of the diesel heater.

The “brain” of the machine not only allows you to use it, but is also responsible for keeping everything in order, which is essential for the safe operation of the equipment.

Good diesel heaters have a control system that will automatically check all components every time they are turned on to make sure everything is in order.

Control System

The electronic control unit is simple and convenient to use. The display should be clear and easy to understand, but you also need different control options.

In addition to manual, you also need a remote control and a smart mobile application. The automatic timer is also very convenient.

You can program it to activate the heater at a set time, which will ensure that a warm vehicle is waiting for you when you wake up.

Diesel heater shell

Finally, we will mention the shell. It can protect the internal components from mechanical damage, but it should also make the parking heater easy to install. The housing must be made of durable but heat-resistant materials such as aluminum and nylon.

In addition to durability, the housing material is also important for health reasons and should be non-toxic.

This device generates heat after all, and you may spend a lot of time in the

Aufocus diesel heaterthe best choice on the market

The Aufocus air diesel heater meets all the standards we mentioned above, which is why we decided to choose it as the best choice on the market. There are actually several models of this heater:

Diesel Heaters 12V 2KW– Quiet, start heating fast

Diesel Heaters 12V 5KW– Lightweight, space-saving diesel heater。

Diesel Heaters All In One— Simple and convenient to use directly without installation

But both have parts of the same quality. Here are the details behind our choice:

Quality hardware

You can find a 2025 stainless steel diesel heater burner inside each because it is completely fireproof and ensures maximum safety.

The design is also very efficient and can keep your cabin warm with minimal fuel consumption. The parts are die-cast aluminum or high-grade plastic, and the heater is durable. Their fuel pump is made of iron, which guarantees that it will not rust for more than 6 years.

The Aufocus air diesel heater meets all the standards we mentioned above, which is why we decided to choose it as the best choice on the market. There are actually several models of this heater:

Diesel Heaters 12V 2KW– Quiet, start heating fast

Diesel Heaters 12V 5KW– Lightweight, space-saving diesel heater。

Diesel Heaters All In One— Simple and convenient to use directly without installation

But both have parts of the same quality. Here are the details behind our choice:

Quality hardware

The clamps used for Apollo heaters are heavy-duty and can be fixed in place no matter how bumpy the road is. The exhaust pipe clamp is prominent because it is very thick and must not allow leakage. As we mentioned earlier, clips are more important than they seem, and are often the reason that distinguishes good heaters from cheap heaters that don’t last.

The surface treatment is excellent, and a look at the equipment gives you peace of mind, because you know that you are installing low-quality equipment that could cause a fire.

Reliable under extreme conditions

Apollo-V can operate in a temperature range of -35°C to 45°C, which means that even if you are trapped in a motorhome, on a high mountain, or in a remote place, you will never feel cold outside. The above-mentioned Kyocera glow plugs are essential to ensure that the heater can be started in any weather conditions. Regardless of the situation, VVKB heaters will not disappoint you.

Quiet operation

Although I hope you don’t have to sleep in your car often, owners of motorhomes, boats, and trucks know how important it is for heaters to run quietly.

Vvkb ensures that Apollo-V is close to silent by installing an excellent exhaust system with a spiral tube. This type of pipe can absorb as much noise as possible, which means you don’t need a silencer. However, there is one in the package, which makes Apollo one of the quietest heaters you can buy. The muffler can also be used to prevent insects from entering the exhaust pipe of the diesel heater.

The combustion chamber design also contributes to quiet operation, as do the motors and impellers. There is no problem sleeping next to this machine.

Latest electronic products

Vvkb Apollo-V is equipped with a smart German Heraeus temperature sensor to ensure that the cabin always maintains the best temperature. This not only provides you with the best comfort, but also saves fuel and reduces noise, because the heater will not work at full power unless it is needed.

The device has a 32-bit processor that receives data from the sensors and then sets the fan speed and combustion conditions accordingly.

The electronic system is also the core of heater safety because it has advanced safety diagnostics that run every time the device is operated. It will check the voltage before starting and will only continue if it is within the correct range.

This will ensure that everything is in perfect condition after you press the “on” button, thus protecting the heater and car battery.

Convenient control options

You can adjust the temperature through manual or digital control, or wirelessly, which means you will have a warm car waiting for you in the morning. There is also an automatic mode, which can keep the temperature at the desired level without you having to worry about it often.

Apollo-V is very easy to operate and very intuitive, everything works the way you expect.

Honor Award:

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC

There is no denying that Webasto produces excellent diesel heaters. Air Top 2000 STC is a perfect example.

This is a high-quality device that runs quietly and is very safe.

It also has smart sensors and different control methods. It is very fuel efficient and will not reduce your gasoline budget too much.

The only disadvantage of Webasto is that it is very expensive. Yes, you get what you pay for, but we think VVKB heaters are worth the money.

Plane 2D-12

Planar is a Russian manufacturer, they also produce very good diesel heaters。

Planar 2D-12 Work immediately and do not need to “speed up” before generating heat, thereby minimizing fuel consumption. It is easy to install and operate, and it works very quietly. Overall, this is a very good device, if you decide to choose this, you can’t go wrong.

They are more affordable than Webasto or Eberspaecher, and are slowly gaining the trust of drivers and ship owners. This is a close encounter between VVKB and Planar, and they are both very good value for money.

Eberspark D2

Eberspaecher is another high-quality but expensive German manufacturer. They have some excellent heaters, but we decided to choose D2.

It’s compact, quiet, and won’t let you down. It is also very fuel efficient and will not eat your fuel tank. Eberspaecher D2 only uses high-quality parts, you can expect this heater to last a lifetime. They are responsible for everything, from screws and fixtures to motors and combustion chambers.

However, similar to Webasto, Eberspaecher heaters are only suitable for those with strong financial resources.


We hope our article will help you determine if parking a diesel heater is a good investment. We also explained what you need to pay attention to when buying a parking heater and provide you with an excellent model worth considering.

Vvkb Apollo-V is an amazing choice, a top device that can last a lifetime. It has been carefully designed to ensure safety, but also to operate quietly, and to maximize fuel efficiency. In our humble opinion, it is the best parking heater you can find on the market today.

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